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First American: Home affordability slips in February – Housing Wire

First American: Home affordability slips in February

The report notes that year over year, housing prices increased by 11% AND mortgage rates went up, pushing homes further out of reach for those in need of affordable housing. Complicating matters more, personal income over the same time period only grew by 0.4%.

Looking at another set of numbers, Consumer Prices increased about 2.4% year over year, with the cost of shelter increasing 3.5%. Clearly, exceeding the growth in personal income.

Overall homeless count on Cape, Islands at 5-year low

Overall homeless count on Cape, Islands at 5-year low

While this is promising information, it continues to illustrate a need for everyone to step up and do more. Couch surfing is a big, missing, portion of the equation. Without a count of these, we are not getting a complete count. We should also remember that “sheltered” homeless are, still, homeless. longer term living facilities continue to be needed, from group homes for those meeting the criteria for these facilities, single room occupancy efficiency units.

Dennis has stepped up to the plate, creating single room occupancy units with the conversions to year-round housing of the former Dennis West, Cape Haven and Plantation motels and two cottage communities on Route 28. We now have a similar conversion planned for the former Dennis Port Motel under review.

Of course, our big effort is the creation of the Home for Veterans on Route 134. We look forward to the day we can begin construction on this project.