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Contest invites architects to design ideal Cape affordable house

( Sent from Cape Cod Times )


FORWARD Housing Proposal

The FORWARD housing proposal is preparing to get its final set of permits. In the coming weeks, they will appear before the Planning Board for approval of its duplex on Hokum Rock Road as well as before Old King’s Highway Historic District Committee for design approval. Below are portions of the plans submitted to the Planning Board for their application.

Note, the site plan illustrates a parking lot for potential access to trails in the old sandpit. This parking lot is not being built as part of this project. As part of the Request For Proposals process, we asked that the designs not preclude the town from considering such access in the future. The Dennis Board of Selectmen would need to decide, in the future, whether they want to open this area up to any formal recreational access.

The Site Plan:

The duplex will be located about 35 feet off of the northerly property boundary, generally behind the Hokum Rock site. This is about 150 feet off of the boundary to the active town sand pit to the west.

A vegetated buffer to the north will be maintained, and in-fill vegetation will be added to provide for screening and privacy for the residents of both properties.

The home will consist of two living units connected by an enclosed corridor. It is possible that the enclosed corridor could include sitting areas as well as being a link between the two wings of the duplex. There will be a patio located between the two wings, which, as designed will be protected on three sides and will access a grass lawn area.

The floor plan for the duplex is mirrored on both sides. Each side will have four bedroom suites, oriented towards the exterior walls. Each suite will have a sleeping area, bathroom, closet and sitting area. A great room is included for meals, watching television, etc. Each side will also have an office for the staff that will be on-site.

Finally, as you enter the property, this is the view you will see from the driveway.

The design meets the goals of the town when Town Meeting voted to make this property available to create a safe home for autistic adults in the community.  The duplex will accommodate eight adults when completed.