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A bike-share border war has started in Boston – The Boston Globe

More on the bike share concept.  Here is the intro that arrived in my inbox today:

Boston is mounting a counterattack against a new threat breaching its borders: an invasion on two wheels.

In the first — but probably not the last — flare-up in an inevitable bike-share border war, Boston is seizing vehicles from a Cambridge startup called Ant Bicycle, whose sudden incursion has tested the city’s ability to keep up with the fast-changing bike-rental industry.

Ant is one of a growing number of so-called dockless bike companies, which offer an alternative to traditional public cycling systems like Blue Bikes (formerly Hubway).


Source: A bike-share border war has started in Boston – The Boston Globe

Bikeshare In Our Future?

We have had inquiries about a potential bikeshare operation coming to Dennis.  This is an interesting idea that could definitely add to our tourist economy.  However, there is much we need to understand about such operations.

We have reached out to communities around Boston who have more experience in these issues for guidance.  Expect to hear more about this in the coming weeks. However, here is some reading material so you can understand what we are thinking about as issues.

Chicago’s South Side Gets Dockless Bikeshare

What People Mean When They Call Dockless Bikeshare a ‘Nuisance’

Dockless Bike Shares Made a Big Splash. But Where Are The Riders?

Here’s what’s missing in the conversation about dockless e-scooters and bikes

Dockless Bike Share

I recently had an inquiry about a dockless bike share proposal for Dennis. My initial thought was to suggest the applicant direct his efforts more towards a system with specific return sites, racks and locks. He listened and is now in stage 2 of his investigation, looking more at a “City Bike” concept than dockless system.

Dockless systems have become nuisances for businesses and popular destinations. They have also become “orphan” bikes as bikes are left wherever the user wants to leave the bike, possibly in accessible routes or other problematic locations.

The article below discusses problems BART has faced with dockless bike share programs.

BART to crack down on LimeBikes left at stations

I think bike share will be a welcome addition to the Dennis environment if properly carried out. I look forward to continuing to work with the potential applicant. At this point, his next step would be to identify the sites for transfer facilities and approach the landowners about placing bike lockers on those properties.