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Fannie Mae wants affordable housing developers to focus on resident wellbeing

Last year, Fannie Mae launched a program designed to increase the development of healthy living options for residents of affordable, multifamily rental properties. Now, Fannie Mae is rolling out a new feature of the program that aims to encourage developers to focus more on the health and wellbeing of their residents by offering a lower borrowing rate.

Source: Fannie Mae wants affordable housing developers to focus on resident wellbeing


New auto parts store may boost Dennis Port business scene

Busy Route 28 in Dennis Port has had its share of losses recently, as some stores have closed, and some business locations remain vacant. But one bright spot was evident last week when Orlerans Auto Supply started construction of its new retail store.The store, at 450 Route 28 is being built on the site of a former bank building that also served as Dennis Town Hall Annex for several years. It had been vacant before its demolition last fall.The new 5,000 square foot store will replace Orleans

Source: New auto parts store may boost Dennis Port business scene

Habitat for Humanity plans three new homes in Dennis

Three new affordable houses will be built in Dennis, with construction expected to start in late summer.Habitat for Humanity Cape Cod will build two houses on Jannal Drive on lots donated by developer George Hill and one on South Yarmouth Road on a lot donated by the town of Dennis. The Jannal Drive lots were designated for affordable housing as part of the permitting process for houses Hill was building elsewhere in town.The Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston has awarded a grant of $83,970 to

Source: Habitat for Humanity plans three new homes in Dennis

Recent Affordable Housing Accomplishments #Housing4All #affordablehousing #OurHomesOurVoices

The Dennis Municipal Affordable Housing Trust, Housing Coordinator, Planning Office and Planning Board have been quite busy in recent months on the affordable housing front. Here are some highlights since January 1st .

1. 98 South Yarmouth Road – Habitat for Humanity has received approval for a three bedroom house at 98 South Yarmouth Road. The Special Permit has been finalized, with no challenges, and Habitat can proceed with this project.

2. Janall Drive – Habitat has acquired, through donation, the two affordable lots that were a part of the Janall Drive affordable housing development. The Planning Board approved modifications to the Special Permit and Site Plan for these two homes, and they are expected to proceed to construction.

3. FORWARD Housing at the Rock – The FORWARD project has received its Special Permit for construction of two four-bedroom dwellings within a duplex structure. It is our hope that FORWARD will soon be the recipient of a state housing grant to support this project.

4. Dennis Port Motel Conversion – The Planning Board has approved the conversion of the long vacant Dennis Port Motel into twelve rental apartments. The conversion will involve the combining of hotel rooms into a mixture of efficiency, studio and one- bedroom apartments. While rents on all the units will probably be within range of many workers in town, three units are required to be deed restricted affordable. I have already received inquiries about potentially living in these new apartments from residents of Dennis.

5. 317 Sea Street, Dennis Port – The Planning Board approved the conversion of the three bay garage located at 317 Sea Street in Dennis Port into four one-bedroom apartments. One unit will be accessed by way of a ramp for handicap accessibility. The existing, wide open driveway will be reduced in size with landscaping added. One of the four units will be deed restricted affordable.

6. 72/74 Swan River Road – The Dennis Municipal Affordable Housing Trust has acquired the property at 72/74 Swan River Road. The property will be added to our affordable housing rental stock, with both units being deed restricted affordable.