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The Debate Over Honolulu’s ‘Monster’ Homes

The Debate Over Honolulu’s ‘Monster’ Homes

“…one in Kalihi reportedly has 29 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms.” Strange stuff, but lessons to be learned as land and home prices spiral out of control, and year-round employees get squeezed out by the second home/vacation home/Air BnB economy.

  1. Lot coverage controls are important – we have 15% lot coverage, they have 70%.
  2. Wet bars are serving as kitchens. Nothing new, had a single family home shown to me 20+ years ago, had a walkout basement to the pool. We were told it was an apartment.

How rooms, and wet bars, are used, once installed, are enforcement nightmares. Obviously, our lot will protect, except on very large lots, against a 29 bedroom single-family home. We also have some changes that will look at addressing some of these issues head-on.

Accessory Dwelling Units has been discussed here.

Collaborative Living Space here:

5-7-18, 5-19-18, and 9-30-18,

Freddie Mac: Housing market is short 2.5 million units

Freddie Mac: Housing market is short 2.5 million units

“From 1968 to 2008, a span of 40 years, there was only one year in which fewer new housing units were built than in 2017—and this despite rising demand in a growing economy,” Freddie Mac Chief Economist Sam Khater said. “We estimate that over the next decade, young adults will add about 20 million households — and those households will need a place to live.”

The Cape Cod Commission projects that Dennis will grow by about 1,000 people in the coming decade, moving back towards our 2000 census numbers. Given the continuing strong second housing market, housing growth will be especially important to attract these households to Dennis. It will be especially important that the housing be available at levels attainable by young professionals.

How ‘Opportunity Zones’ Could Transform Communities

How ‘Opportunity Zones’ Could Transform Communities

Think, re-investment in the Pelham House; affordable housing in and around the Dennis Port village center; redevelopment of the Benny’s and A&P buildings. Lots of opportunities to continue the Dennis Port revival!

Hay Bales and Silt Fencing

The Veteran’s Home project is in need of hay bales and silt fencing. We need to have these in place before the trees in the “building envelope,” driveway, home footprint, septic system, deck, and side yard, can be removed. We have Peter Govoni Land Services ready to cut trees, we need to get the erosion control in place before this next step can take place.