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Dennis works on new bylaw to encourage more housing choices

Dennis works on new bylaw to encourage more housing choices

A little more info:

  • Limited to lesser of 40% of available floorspace or 1,000 so
  • Must be for minimum term of 30 days
  • One additional parking space required for ADU
  • Limited to one ADU on site
  • Current zoning, Section 4.9.3 allows Planning Board to approve more than one ADU, this proposal will rescind Section 4.9.3

West Dennis Apartments

The apartments at 323 Main Street, West Dennis, are coming on-line. Several months ago Ron Bourgeois received permission from the Planning Board to convert the former Dennis Partners Office Building into six apartments. The work is wrapping up, the Regulatory Agreement is nearing completion with the state, and tenants are being screened to move in.

Ron will be putting planters along the street side of the building. Out back, there will be picnic tables in the grass area for the residents.

Homeless are grateful for all helping hands

Homeless are grateful for all helping hands

Thirty-nine homeless died on the streets. It is sad anyone dies on the streets, I can’t help but wonder, how many were veterans who could have been helped had we not spent the last two winters tied up in litigation? How many more veterans will suffer this winter?

Thank you to the Selectmen, Dennis community and people across the Cape for your continuing support.

PS, If we can get 200 feet of silt fence and hay bales installed, we can clear the work area.