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How ‘Opportunity Zones’ Could Transform Communities

How ‘Opportunity Zones’ Could Transform Communities

Think, re-investment in the Pelham House; affordable housing in and around the Dennis Port village center; redevelopment of the Benny’s and A&P buildings. Lots of opportunities to continue the Dennis Port revival!

Dennis Port Village Center Micro-Brewery Restaurant?

Ken Van Tassel shared this with me with the question, could this fit into Dennis Port Village Center? His thought was at 645 Main Street (Karl’s Landmark Tavern), but, maybe it could also be a good reinvention of the empty portion of the old A&P building?

Chelmsford Seeks Brewery as Centerpiece for New Project

As a designated Opportunity Zone and the potential investment credits that would be available for such a venture, it might be a good attraction. Perhaps, the group running Devil’s Purse would be interested?