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South Yarmouth Road Habitat for Humanity Wall Raising

Some pictures from today’s “Wall Raising” for the Habitat for Humanity home on South Yarmouth Road.

A little background first. The town made this parcel available to Habitat through a request for proposals process. Habitat applied to the Planning Board for a Special Permit under the Affordable Housing portion of the Dennis Zoning By-law. Upon grant of the Special Permit, Habitat also applied for and received, a grant from the Community Preservation Committee to support the construction of the home. Numerous local businesses support Habitat’s home projects as well.

Habitat marketed this, and two additional units to be constructed on Janall Drive and conducted the affordable housing lottery. The new, soon to be, the homeowner was selected from this process. Desiree and her two sons are already well connected to Dennis.

Maritime Landing Updated Plans

Here is the updated information for Tuesday night’s Selectmen’s Meeting.

Updated Site Plan:

Landscaping and Fencing Narrative from the applicant. (Plans to be available by Tuesday evening)

The applicant will be proposing to use a combination of a vegetative buffer and a fence along the property lines at Maritime Landing. The fence will be used along key property lines where abutter dwelling units will have views to the proposed homes. The applicant proposes to use a 6′ height fence that is a 5′ height solid board fence with a 1′ height picket or lattice top. In particular, this fence will be proposed along the property line behind units 24 – 26 to screen the views from the adjacent parking lot and commercial building, along the property line south, south-west and south-east of unit 21 continuing to just south-east of the end of the street. The fence will additionally be located in the rear of units 15-17 continuing approximately 25′ south of unit 17 and along the entire northerly property line adjacent to the Bay Green Condominium community.

Vegetative buffers will be utilized throughout other areas of the property lines to assist in screening of additional abutter views and to define the property line. The proposed plantings will consist of evergreens including White Pines, White Spruce, Leyland Cypress and Green Giant Arborvitae. Deciduous trees such as Red Maple, White Oak and Tupelo will also be utilized to soften the views of the rooflines of the proposed homes. Lastly, a shrub layer will be proposed in areas along the property line to define and reinforce the boundary and provide low ornamental plantings.