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Moment of reckoning for housing and state economy – CommonWealth Magazine

THE MASSACHUSETTS ECONOMY is the envy of the nation. We quickly rebounded from the recession and are home to the nation’s best educated workforce and one of its largest and most diverse innovation economies. Unemployment is down to 4.5 percent and our growth is outperforming the national economy. That success is worthy of celebration, but(…)

Source: Moment of reckoning for housing and state economy – CommonWealth Magazine

West Dennis Apartments

The apartments at 323 Main Street, West Dennis, are coming on-line. Several months ago Ron Bourgeois received permission from the Planning Board to convert the former Dennis Partners Office Building into six apartments. The work is wrapping up, the Regulatory Agreement is nearing completion with the state, and tenants are being screened to move in.

Ron will be putting planters along the street side of the building. Out back, there will be picnic tables in the grass area for the residents.

The Debate Over Honolulu’s ‘Monster’ Homes

The Debate Over Honolulu’s ‘Monster’ Homes

“…one in Kalihi reportedly has 29 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms.” Strange stuff, but lessons to be learned as land and home prices spiral out of control, and year-round employees get squeezed out by the second home/vacation home/Air BnB economy.

  1. Lot coverage controls are important – we have 15% lot coverage, they have 70%.
  2. Wet bars are serving as kitchens. Nothing new, had a single family home shown to me 20+ years ago, had a walkout basement to the pool. We were told it was an apartment.

How rooms, and wet bars, are used, once installed, are enforcement nightmares. Obviously, our lot will protect, except on very large lots, against a 29 bedroom single-family home. We also have some changes that will look at addressing some of these issues head-on.

Accessory Dwelling Units has been discussed here.

Collaborative Living Space here:

5-7-18, 5-19-18, and 9-30-18,