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National flood insurance program faces Friday expiration

National flood insurance program faces Friday expiration

From another source: “Unless reauthorized or amended by Congress, the following will occur on November 30, 2018:

  • “The authority to provide new flood insurance contracts will expire. Flood insurance contracts entered into before the expiration would continue until the end of their policy term of one year.
  • “The authority for NFIP to borrow funds from the Treasury will be reduced from $30.425 billion to $1 billion.”

CRS INSIGHT What Happens If the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Lapses?

For the layperson, if the NFIP lapses, you will not be able to renew your flood insurance policy; a homebuyer will not be able to complete a purchase of a home due to the inability to buy flood insurance; and if there is a serious storm, FEMA may not be able to cover flood damage due to the inability to borrow.

Confronting the Costs of Coastal Land Loss

A group of stories, some new, some old, addressing an issue we are facing.

Confronting the Costs of Coastal Land Loss

Orleans approves $1.2M as part of Nauset Beach retreat plan

Coastal erosion has not only become a fact of life, but many are also now surrendering to it. Dennis works to hold back the effects of erosion by dredging and restoring beaches with the dredge material. However, some areas are looking back for a solution that could benefit the future. Oysters, and reefs made of oysters. Beds are created from discarded shells collected from restaurants. Oysters are planted in the beds, sometimes in cages or bags.

Maybe land loss and retreat need not be inevitable.

How Oysters Can Prevent Flood Damage


FEMA Aid Misses Both the Big and Small Picture

This hits at a critical issue, I was recently approached about the January 2017 storm event with the question, was it declared a disaster by FEMA. The homeowner is only now completing the inventory of the damage incurred. Far too late for the costs to be calculated into the disaster equation. One can only imagine the losses incurred due to the Winter 2018 flooding that occurred in Dennis and elsewhere on the Cape that did not adequately get assessed.

FEMA Aid Misses Both the Big and Small Picture