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Report: Sea level rise to hit Cape Cod hard

Report: Sea level rise to hit Cape Cod hard

Dennis was one of the communities to receive one of the Municipal Vulnerability Grants. We received $20,000 to study the town’s preparedness for climate change. Our lowlands are considerable. Large portions of Dennis Port and West Dennis lie within a few feet of the reaches of high tide today. We will be having a number of public sessions over the coming year as we develop our Municipal Vulnerability Plan, follow this blog and the local media to know when these will happen.

Reported Unanimously out of Committee: To reform and reauthorize the National Flood Insurance Program, and for other purposes.

Here is a link to the House Bill reported unanimously out of Committee to extend the National Flood Insurance Program for five years.

To reform and reauthorize the National Flood Insurance Program, and for other purposes.

I have not yet started to digest it. I have heard good and bad. I am posting so that affected residents who are interested can read and decide for themselves. I will post my thoughts later.

The Group Stop FEMA Now has flagged the following issues (from their 6-14-19 post):

  • Primary homeowners will receive increases of “up to 18% annually” until they achieve their actuary rate;
  • Second homeowners will receive increases “up to 25% annually” until they reach their actuary rate.
  • Mapping – Risk Rating 2.0 will be implemented in 2020. Properties situated closer to rivers, oceans and bays will be considered higher risk and will be paying higher premiums.
  • “Increased Cost of Compliance” limits will rise from $30K to $60K. ($100K had been sought for this figure as elevating homes exceed $100K).

The Massachusetts Coastal Coalition and others are noting relief that having the reauthorization will provide stability to the real estate market. Here are links being circulated by the Massachusetts Coastal Coalition:

Click here for a one page summary

Click here for a section by section summary

FEMA Coastal Erosion and Sea Level Rise Study – Field Reconnaissance

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is in the process of assessing the impact of coastal erosion and sea level rise. As a part of this effort, they are going to be conducting data collection in Dennis in the coming weeks. We have been notified, letter below, that the data collection efforts will take place between May 19th and 23rd. During this time expect to see teams from the consultant for FEMA traversing, on foot, the Dennis coastal areas (beaches and tidal rivers and marsh areas) to collect information. They will be carrying handheld GPS devices and digital cameras. The teams will have proper FEMA photo identification and a copy of the letter describing the effort.

The effort is to conduct a “visual inspection of the shoreline to identify unique physical characteristics impacting coastal erosion.”