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WeWork Surpasses JPMorgan as Biggest Occupier of Manhattan Office Space – WSJ

Collaborative Workspace Zoning coming to May Town Meeting. Let’s create the opportunity for young and old entrepreneurs to grow together (and fill some of that empty floor space in town)!

Retail Realities Rebuilding economic resiliency as brick and mortar goes to pieces.

The Economic Development Committee is working on new ideas for empty retail space. We have been working on shared work spaces, but perhaps need to be sure we have many options for these areas.

Maritime Landing Work Force Housing In The Village

Here is a preliminary look at the Chapter 40B Housing proposal for the land behind 601 Route 6A in Dennis Village. There will be 28 owner-occupied houses; 8 three-bedroom homes and 20 two-bedroom homes. Seven of these homes will be available for work-force housing; 2 three-bedroom homes selling for $215,000 and 5 two-bedroom homes selling for $192,750. The income limits for these homes are $68,950 for a family of four in the three-bedroom units and $62,100 for a family of three in the two-bedroom units.

The market rate homes will sell for starting prices of $544,000 for the two-bedroom units and $569,000 for the three-bedroom units.

The four site driveways on Route 6A serving the site will be reduced to two. Stormwater and landscaping improvements will also occur towards the street side of the property. No changes to the commercial uses on the site are contemplated as part of this project.

Dockless Bike Share

I recently had an inquiry about a dockless bike share proposal for Dennis. My initial thought was to suggest the applicant direct his efforts more towards a system with specific return sites, racks and locks. He listened and is now in stage 2 of his investigation, looking more at a “City Bike” concept than dockless system.

Dockless systems have become nuisances for businesses and popular destinations. They have also become “orphan” bikes as bikes are left wherever the user wants to leave the bike, possibly in accessible routes or other problematic locations.

The article below discusses problems BART has faced with dockless bike share programs.

BART to crack down on LimeBikes left at stations

I think bike share will be a welcome addition to the Dennis environment if properly carried out. I look forward to continuing to work with the potential applicant. At this point, his next step would be to identify the sites for transfer facilities and approach the landowners about placing bike lockers on those properties.