Hurricane Preparedness Week – Complete your written hurricane plan

Saturday, May 12th - Complete your written hurricane plan

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Bikeshare In Our Future?

We have had inquiries about a potential bikeshare operation coming to Dennis.  This is an interesting idea that could definitely add to our tourist economy.  However, there is much we need to understand about such operations.

We have reached out to communities around Boston who have more experience in these issues for guidance.  Expect to hear more about this in the coming weeks. However, here is some reading material so you can understand what we are thinking about as issues.

Chicago’s South Side Gets Dockless Bikeshare

What People Mean When They Call Dockless Bikeshare a ‘Nuisance’

Dockless Bike Shares Made a Big Splash. But Where Are The Riders?

Here’s what’s missing in the conversation about dockless e-scooters and bikes

Most Massachusetts families’ household income is below average. Yes, we did the math – The Boston Globe

A rather telling explanation as to why we need to address affordable workforce housing. Add to the mix the outside force of the second home market on Cape Cod, and you come to understand why or young workforce is fleeing the region.