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Micro-Apartments: Boston’s Housing Solution Or Developers’ Cash Cow? | WBUR

Micro-Apartments: Boston’s Housing Solution Or Developers’ Cash Cow? | WBUR.

What do you think? Could Dennis, especially in its village centers, benefit from “Micro-Apartments”?


An Old Motel Problem

I posted earlier about a problem we have with old motels which became “motels in condominium form of ownership.” As I noted, these properties, while under zoning continued to be motels and are required to comply with all the normal motel operational requirements, hardly meet those standards.

Economic Development Committee will be talking about this issue. I am looking to find out if they feel if this is an important issue, or one we should just leave alone.

Your participation at the EDC Meeting is appreciated. The Meeting will occur in the Town Hall Annex Conference Room (corner of Bob Crowell Road and Route 134) at 9 am, Thursday July18th.

Following up on a recent post

Recently I posted about Durham NH and a piano being placed in a public place for anyone passing by to sit down at and play a tune, not this from the Boston Common:

Piano on Common

Can we find an old piano anywhere for Dennisport?

Some Interesting History on Camper’s Haven

Don Robitaille passed these on to me over the weekend. Camper’s Haven apparently originally consisted of two locations. The site of today’s Camper’s Haven and the site of the existing Haigis Beach, known also as Pettingill’s Trailer Park at the time of the town’s acquisition of the site.

The cost of Beach Front Property in 1962? all of $35,000.

Campers Haven 2 Campers Haven 1

Heritage Sands – A Work in Progress

Sometimes we work real hard on a project, never get the chance to see it through to the end. Dennisport Village Center is progressing with many more new additions coming this Spring and Summer. We have much happening in other parts of Dennis right now and I really need to go take a few pictures of all that is going on.  Progress is being made at the Cumberland Farms and former Christine’s property towards redeveloping these sites, but I have not gotten out to take any pictures.  For now, the work at Heritage Sands will have to do.

Heritage Sands as it was:



Heritage Sands as it is now:


Courtesy of Heritage Sands


Heritage Sands as it will be:



Small houses in expensive suburbs – News – Boston.com

For some time now I have been working on a proposal to bring down-sized housing as a reuse of an industrial site in Dennisport. The linked feature from the Boston Globe provides a little more food for thought on this idea. http://www.boston.com/realestate/news/2013/03/05/small-houses-expensive-towns/VzWti8CnSWjoVevAQ7fF4J/pictures.html